Gold leaf in a Big bottle (Maneki-Neko Package)

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Signature Gold Leaves

Gold Leaf in a Big Bottle key chain comes with Maneki-Neko medal

For many generations, gold are seen as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and good fortune. These gold leaves are carefully placed in a bottle, perfect for gifts on any occasions. All our gold leaves are specially made in Japan and are safe for consumption, hold them as a key chain or sprinkle them over food, pastries or beverage for good fortunes!

Maneki-Neko, also known in Japan as "Fortune Cat" can signify a symbol of great fortune and many carry on as lucky charms. the raised right paw of the cat also signify wealth.

Country of origin: Japan

Composition: Pure Gold 95.239%, Pure Silver 4.761%

Net weight: 0.03g

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